Duct Sealing and Attic Sealing

ductsealing.comparisonHow Leaky Ducts Can Affect Your HVAC System and AC Performance

Did you know that on over a third of AC service calls the issue being reported is never resolved, or the solution recommended is to oversize the system to make up for deficiencies or issues with the ductwork?

In fact, it has been estimated that one out of five new AC systems installed today are oversized to make up for poorly sealed ductwork, improperly installed ductwork, low room pressures and more. This means more unnecessary costs incurred by the homeowner, and having an oversized system causes high room pressures in other rooms, which means low air flow.

An Energy Audit helps to sort out the specific needs of an AC system, and a good rework and/or seal of the ductwork can add to the comfort of your home, and the life of your AC system itself, not to mention lower energy bills.

Seal The Deal!

To have a truly energy-efficient home, you have to be sure your ductwork is airtight. More than $5 billion is wasted every year in America on energy that slips through leaky ductwork, both in residential homes and commercial properties. This can be rectified by using a new technology called Aeroseal, although even a well done manual mastic seal can last 20 years, if done correctly.

So why don’t A/C companies focus as much on diagnosing ductwork, as they do the compressor or coil? Basically, it’s not their core business, and quite frankly it’s not a core competency either.

If you have not had your ducts checked, according to the Department of Energy, you could be wasting as much as 30% or more of your energy costs during the coldest and warmest months of the year. The average home in Arizona has the equivalent of a gaping 3 1/2 square foot hole in the middle of your house.

Symptoms of Leaky Ductwork

The only way to know what is happening in and around your home’s air ducts is to have a professional home energy inspection, or energy audit. However, you will notice signs that leaks are present when going about your regular routine around the house. Check for these signs that you need to seal ductwork:

  • Your cooling system makes a lot of noise
  • Rooms never get properly heated or cooled
  • You notice higher humidity
  • After a storm, if you have allergies, you will experience them indoors
  • Your HVAC system continuously needs repairing
  • You don’t overdo it on heat or AC and yet your energy bills remain high
  • You don’t feel the same level of airflow coming out of vents

In general, if your HVAC system isn’t doing what it is supposed to do, you are likely to have problems with ductwork. Once a skilled Energy Audit technician takes a look at your ducts, you can decide how to proceed.

The AEA & AFP Solution – Aeroseal

If a duct test concludes you need to have your ducts sealed, then ECO Rehab, as an Aeroseal dealer here in Arizona, is the company you can rely on to get it sealed right. During this test, we can show you how Aeroseal will fix the leaks and get your HVAC system running more efficiently.

Aeroseal technology involves the injection of vaporized glue into your ductwork that stay suspended in the air until they reach areas where there are holes. Aeroseal glue fill in the leaks one-by-one, until every gap is plugged. Using special software, Aeroseal technicians can point out the problem areas and show you how the ducts are being sealed in real time.

Leaky air ducts can drain energy from your HVAC system and cost you money in every season. Aeroseal is an inexpensive new system built to seal the leaks in ducts in just a few hours. Contact an AFA specialist at 480-428-8050 today to schedule an Energy Audit to determine if your home ductwork is costing you comfort and money.

Attic Leaks are another issue that should be addressed if you plan on addressing your insulation. Your Energy Auditor will scout the problem out for you when he is in the attic and runs a blower door test.