Home Energy Audit

eco home auditDiagnosing the Home is the First Step toward Lowering Your Energy Bills

If you plan on making home improvements, you need to start off by diagnosing your home’s true energy-efficiency quotient. Anything from leaky ductwork to gaps in insulation could be costing you money and forcing you to sacrifice your comfort level at home. An Energy Audit by an AEA professional that’s BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified can diagnose your home’s weaknesses and allow you to focus your efforts on fixing them.

We Don’t Want You Spending Money on Improvements You Don’t Need

We receive calls every day asking us to come out and do an estimate on insulation or a duct seal, but that’s not exactly how our Home Energy Audit works. For example, hot rooms can be caused by any number of issues or a combination of all of them. The number of potential contributing factors makes it impossible for our dedicated experts to accurately assess the issues that are causing the symptoms being described over the phone, and we refuse to sell our clients expensive services they don’t need.

With rebates available for repairs – upward of $1,000 – it makes sense to invest $99 to save literally thousands of dollars later!

Certified Energy Efficiency Specialists will arrive at your home and complete the $99 Energy Audit at your convenience. This checkup involves a 20-point assessment of your HVAC system, a duct test, a blower door test and an insulation inspection, among other items.


Of course, the best part is the feeling you’ll have when walking around your home feeling the highest level of comfort. When you get your energy bills, you can be sure you are actually using the power you pay for.


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