Solar Water Heaters

177546810Is a Solar Water Heater a Reliable Choice for You?

While many Arizona residents hope to increase energy efficiency in their homes, few consider a water heater to be a significant factor in their carbon footprint. The fact is, water heaters have not changed much in the last 50 years and can waste more energy than any other item in your home.

As you look for ways to conserve energy and cut costs around the house, consider installing a solar water heater first. AEA is one of the largest distributors of solar water heaters in Arizona, and can get you a great deal on a variety of systems.

Depending on the way your home attracts sunlight, a solar water heater can be extremely reliable as a source of hot water throughout the year. There are both active and passive (the less expensive) types of heaters, which vary in terms of reliability.

In Arizona, where the temperature stays warm throughout the year, homeowners can select passive water heaters and still enjoy a hot water supply without relying much on a backup tank.

Solar Tax Credits and Rebates

Federal and State Tax Credits alone can offset up to 55% of the cost, while APS and SRP rebates are available.

All told, up to 75% of the cost can be offset by incentives, as long as the system meets OG-300 certification standards. Another requirement is that the system be installed by a licensed contractor, and the panels are installed properly to make the most use of the Arizona sun.

Your First Step: A Solar Analysis

To find out if a solar water heater will work on your property, set up an Energy Audit for your home. AEA’s Energy Efficiency Specialists will perform a full review of renewable energy alternatives and help you plan possible improvements. There are numerous options on the table for every homeowner. Call us today at (480) 428-8050 and set up an AEA Energy Audit for your home.