Sun Screens, or Window Tint for Arizona Summers

155366999The intensity of the Arizona sun peaks every summer, creating unwanted heat and glare in homes statewide. The impact is felt both in your comfort level and in the increased cost of cooling your home. Sun screens are a terrific way to lower energy costs and protect furniture from fading and curtail glare.

Sun screens come in two different forms: enclosed thread and exposed thread. While an exposed thread screen will help stop some of the light and heat transfer, they tend to wear down faster and collect an inordinate amount of dust. As a result, you’ll find exposed thread screens sagging and breaking down before you have gotten a return on your investment.

Enclosed thread sun screens utilize a polyester coating to protect threads and slow down the effects of dust and water on the screen. These durable screens can last up to fifteen years and offer maximum benefits when purchased in 90% density.

If you buy the right type of screens and have them installed by a skilled technician, you will see a major reduction in heat transfer and lower your energy costs. Screens will last as long as 15 years and pay for themselves in less than five.

Installing sun screens can immediately change the way the sun hits your home. Instead of allowing the light and heat to make their way inside, sun screens stop them at the window. While curtains and shades simply re-radiate the heat caught at windows, sun screens keep it outside so your home never gets the impact.

Sun screens are available in many different colors and can make a home look attractive while performing the important tasks of lowering energy costs and reducing glare. Ask an AEA Energy Efficiency Specialist about creating a comprehensive plan to improve the performance of your home. You’ll feel the difference immediately – in comfort and in reduced energy bills.